Hello! My name is Lily.

I'm an aspiring young adult novelist (represented by the incredible Elana Roth Parker of The Laura Dail Literary Agency) and current YouTuber. My writing has been published in Bustle and Teen Vogue!

I was born and raised in Washington state (the one with coffee, not congress), the second oldest and only girl of four. I like to think I was a cool kid (my mother was an ice cream lady, I mean… come on), but that is debatable.

I believe stories have power.

I strive to live by the motto of a life inspired by fiction. I come from a background of extreme poverty (I've been homeless twice!) and live with a chronic illness, so I know just how powerful hope can be when you're on a difficult journey.

I believe anyone can achieve their own happy ending, no matter how bleak things may currently seem. I'm a passionate advocate of at risk youth outreach and reading programs.

I’m working everyday towards writing something worthy of publishing, but in the meantime I post regular videos on writing, happiness, books and activism on my YouTube channel. My ultimate career goal is to be hired to write a modern YA reboot of Scooby Doo.