I have a literary agent!

I am so proud to announces that my writing is now represented by Elana Roth Parker of The Laura Dail Literary Agency!

Good questions to ask an agent on "The Call":

  • How would you describe your ideal client?
  • How do you envision me approaching you with future book ideas How exactly would we start working on my next project? What should I expect from this process?
    • Also, how involved would you want to be in my development in new projects—hearing the pitch before a go ahead or trusting me to dive in strong?
    • On that note, what is your approach if you do not like a manuscript/project/idea that I feel strongly about and want to pursue?
  • What is your submission process like (i.e. how many editors approach per round/how many rounds do you typically do)?
  • What are your expectations for my social media presence? Are there things you’d expect or prefer me to change about my website or youtube channel, etc?
  • Who do you work with to sell foreign/film rights? What is the agency’s support staff? Do you handle contracts? Rights? If not, who does?
  • What does your agency agreement look like? Worst case scenario, what would the steps for termination look like?
  • Can I speak to one or two of your clients about their experiences working with you?
  • Are you open to authors who work in multiple genres? And are there genres/age groups/etc. that you don’t represent? If I write something in one of those, what then happens?
  • How involved are you/would you typically like to be?
  • What would you say sets you or your agency apart from other agents I might be considering?
  • Is there anything we haven’t discussed that you’d like to ask me?